Bisphenol A; It’s Everywhere

23 02 2010

Now here is something I find quite troubling. The Washington Post has run a 2 page article not on the hazards of Bisphenol A, but the incredible difficulty in removing it from our goods. This chemical is proving more and more dangerous as it is tested year after year. It has been officially banned from use in baby bottles in Canada due to its high risk nature for babies.

One very prominent area of use for this product is in the plastic coating that lines the interior of tin food cans. The scary problem though, is that this chemical has been incredibly ingrained into our manufacturing processeses over the past 60 years. As companies try to reduce and/or eliminate BPA from their food  they are having trouble even locating the source of BPA. Additionally, they are having trouble finding a suitable replacement.

How do we get to a point that we use a dangerous chemical to such large extents that we can’t even find out where it is coming from anymore? It certainly doesn’t help that manufacturers have the right to NOT disclose to their clients whether they use BPA in their products.

Just one more reason for purchasing fresh foods rather than processed food in a can.

Original article here: 




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