Tennessee Set to Relax Gun Laws

13 07 2009
From: BBC, 2009

From: BBC, 2009

Yes, you read that correctly. The state of Tennessee is hoping to relax it’s gun laws this week by allowing concealed weapons into restaurants and bars. The law will require that anyone bringing weapons into such an establishment not drink alcohol, but people drink and drive don’t they? Will everyone be patted down at the door and then stamped to ensure they are not sold any shots? I doubt that. Additionally, Tennessee residents will be allowed to carry their weapons on school grounds and in public parks. Guns in the land where children play. The state currently has about 250 000 registered gun owners and about 130 000 of those have concealed weapons permits. I find gun control in the United States seriously lacking already. To me, the mix of guns and alcohol cannot be a good thing. Could bar fights turn into bar homicides? Weapons provide a sense of false security. Your gun isn’t for protection, your gun is made to kill. Here are some scary quotes:

”I had a case like that up in Gallatin,” said Harris, a Nashville lawyer. ”This kid had a handgun carry permit and was coming back from the range and didn’t unload his rifle. He got stopped for an unrelated issue. The rifle was quite visible and the officer asked to check it. This kid said yes, and all of a sudden something as innocuous as transporting the rifle from point A to point B becomes a criminal offense.”

The words ‘kid’ and ‘gun’ should definitely not be found together. 

When prompted by the statement that guns are made specifically to kill, Niki Goeser Responds: 

My answer to that is: ‘yes a gun can kill, but in the correct hands, it can be used to save innocent lives’. I don’t care so much about a bad guy’s life. I’m sorry, I don’t. They make the choice to be evil, that’s their choice. If they choose that, and I am armed I know what I’m doing, I will try to stop them.”

That’s pretty black and white Niki. What about the right to life? What about rehabilitation? There is a reason that the death penalty is illegal in most states as well as in most countries.

The original article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8145541.stm

And another: http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1288323 




4 responses

13 07 2009

Might want to pass this on to Suzanna Hupp, who after leaving her legal hand gun in her car, watched as two men robbed the restaurant the she and her parents where dining in, then shot both her parents to death. A loss she could have prevented had she broke the rules, and had her gun with her.
I’ll grant you that the mixing of booze and guns isn’t a great idea, but I’d like to see the facts on bars that have been shoot up by drunks, lets leave sports stars out of this, many of them are nuts anyway.
Also, you might take a look at the statistics covering those people that go through the training, and background check to obtain a concealed carry permit. I think you would find that as a group , they are extremely careful with weapons. Just the sort of person you might want around in a bad situation, especially when the nearest law enforcement might be 15 minutes away.
Finally. Yes “Kid and gun” is a little disturbing, but if the “kid” had a handgun permit he was a least 21, so it might be a bad chose of words.
You have every right to your opinion, thanks for sharing it with us.

15 07 2009

hello. whoa. wild wild west in Tennessee- hang up yer guns at the door. first, there is a legal limit to how much you can drink. that is not none. second, the kid was transporting a “loaded” weapon that could have accidentally discharged. good law, and he should have been whipped for it. third, i am tired of counting, but there is bad gun control when so many people do not hit what they are aiming at with their first shot. we all know police are a reaction response to an action that has already taken place, and the more good people that are armed: is a direct deterrent and opposing force to the bad people. the guns are not the problem, it’s the people. give me back my bullets.

16 07 2009

Hi guys. I guess the real problem, clear from the comments left here, is the acceptance from the general populous of the US of guns, and, quite terrifyingly, a fight-fire-with-fire approach to crime. It’s a whole minefield you’re getting into there: what if a gun owner is in a bar and a robbery takes place, panics and shoots before the robber has fired a shot? Who would know if the robber was even going to unload? Apart from, obviously, Tom Cruise and his precog mates in Minority Report. Sure, people are victims of horrific shootings and this is tragic and inexcusable, but I’m just not convinced that everyone running around with firearms is the solution. A culture where everyone carries live ammunition ‘just in case’ chills me to my very core…

26 07 2009

Chills you to the core huh? Well, maybe you should go live in England where nobody can carry a firearm to protect themselves and where the murder/crime rate is very high. Maybe you will be faced one day by a criminal pointing a gun at YOUR face and you will be helpless. It’s easy to sit back and say…oh Guns are bad and let’s get rid of guns. When that happens, the only people that will be armed will be “CRIMINALS”. Bad guys will always have guns and disarming good law abiding citizens only makes it easier for those criminals. Stop living in your candy coated fairyland and wake up. You must live in a gated community where you feel extra special safe huh. As far as a right to life for these “animals” who could care less about innocent people’s LIVES…..screw em’. They make the choice to do evil. They are the ones terrorizing everyday good citizens and I could care less about THEIR LIFE. You know what? They could care less about their life too. Otherwise they would not kill innocent people. Let’s say there is a criminal that has you at gun point and wants to rape you and torture you and then kill you. He has already raped you so badly your rear end is bleeding. Now he is going to cut your ears off and cut your tongue out. You tell me….do you care about rehabilitation my friend? Do you care about that evil person’s life? Get your head out of your a** and wake the f*** up.

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