To all Global Warming Dissenters

8 07 2009
From: CBC, 2009

From: CBC, 2009

This morning there was an article in the CBC about the G8 meeting in Italy. One of the issues of course is climate change. One reader posted this about global warming:

“the whole CO2 scam is the greatest distraction from the real problems of economic globalization and human enslavement going. All these elite central bankers are set up to be collecting the carbon tax anyway. check out the second draft of the trillions dollars bailout bill (scam) where they have set themselves up.
You got to love they way these guys play both sides of the debate.
meanwhile future generations have been condemmed into economic slavery.

Even if you believe that CO2 is causing global warming you better take a good look at sattalite maps of China’ and wonder how a carbon tax (life tax) on working men and women of the west is going to solve this problem as their factories in communist china are exempt from all this enviormental is david suzukis tax free foundation asking you to boycott cheap goods from China??? Of course not!

Meanwhile you may have notice the earth has actually been getting colder since 2001. due to the Sun’s solar flare cycling down again.
yes that right the SUN (that big ball of fire in the sky ?) makes the earth heat up………now throw me in jail for being a heritic.
this is why they quickly changed the slogan from “global warming” to “climate change”
I think themost interesting technique used in this scam is the way it also promotes the religons of self loathing and nilislims so when these elites do put the screws into you and your desendants you will comply willingly.
oldest trick in the book used time and time again to herd humans.

google “great global warming swindle”″

To which I replied:

“Dear NickKakyakas:

You can refute ‘global warming’ all you want. That’s fine with me if there are people who don’t believe it. But there are many undeniable problems related to our environment that effect us right now. Sprawl has increased the rates of obesity tenfold, which increases things like heart disease. The chemicals we’ve been using on our food and in our goods have created a cancer plague that is one of the greatest killers known to man. Air pollution in nearly all of our urban centres has greatly increased asthma cases. All of these things put an incredible strain on our healthcare system as well as the families of millions who suffer from these ailments. Our lakes are all contaminated by chemicalized storm run-off due to our incistence on using concrete and pavement for everything, due to dumping of so much waste without proper attention to possible leaks, and due to unsustainable agricultural practices both with meats and veggies. I urge you to take a look at these real problems and help us out with what are true problems that effect us all this minute rather than bash the ambiguous term of ‘climate change’. At least by creating this global phemnomenon, awareness has been raised about environmental issues in general, whether the world is actually warming towards destruction or not.”

My point I think is quite clear. Whether or not you believe in global warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it. There are very serious environmental problems that our entire world society are confronted with and will only get worse unless we begin solving these problems.

This is the CBC article:




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