Chinese Babies Sold for Profit?

2 07 2009
From: BBC, 2009

From: BBC, 2009

A BBC News article speaks of the sale of Chinese babies, the profit from which is split between local Chinese officials and the orphanage of the child. You may or may not know of the population regulation laws that exist in China – essentially, one child for every urban family, two children for every rural family. If you exceed this limit, you pay a fine of approximately $3000, which generally turns out to be more than a Chinese farmer’s annual income (this alone is despicable knowing all the money for our goods goes straight to this country). In Guizhou province, approximately 80 baby girls have been confiscated by local officials since 2001 and sent to orphanages to be raised essentially by the government. It has been revealed though, that the babies actually await adoption by North American and European families. Documents are forged and state the the babies are orphans, not children taken from their families. ‘Tang Jian, an official of the Zhenyuan family planning bureau, said: “According to our investigation, it is true that babies who have parents were forced into the orphanage and then abroad”‘. The adoption fees for these children, about $3000, are then split between the orphanage and the local authorities. Whether you agree or disagree with the population control measures, profitting off of someone else’s child is wrong. The reporter ends the article saying, “Child trafficking is widespread. A tightening of adoption rules for foreigners in 2006 has proved ineffective in the face of local corruption.”  this is such a difficult issue. One major problem that doesn’t get as much media attention, is that parents will continue having children until they get a boy. Any girls are given up to authorities because boys are seen to be of more use in terms of bringing in income. While the population of China is enormous and unsustainable, this is not right either.

Original BBC Article:

I also took informatino from this article:




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2 07 2009

Well drop my jaw!

Who could have evah guessed?

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