Algae to Energy

30 06 2009
From: The New York Times, 2009

From: The New York Times, 2009

The New York Times wrote a brief article on a new technology being tested and piloted by a company called Algenol. It really sounds like an idealistic dream. The way it will work, is carbon dioxide will be pumped into the water of algae farms and the algae will turn that greenhouse gas into ethanol through a totally natural biological process. The ethanol can then be used either in vehicles as fuel, or in plastics to create a more natural product. Additionally, since algae requires little space, land is not wasted for the creation of fuel (as is the case with corn-based ethanol) meaning we have more land available for food production. It sounds too good to be true. It is even assumed that this ethanol will be fairly cheap to produce! I will look more deeply into this new technology.

A fellow blogger has the Times article posted here:




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14 07 2009

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