Climate Change Bill in the U.S.

26 06 2009

So it looks as though a new climate change bill is soon to be passed in the United States – that is as long as farmers let it happen. Here are some concessions that have been made to the bill as per the request of Collin C. Peterson, the Minnesota Representative:

  1. The Department of Agriculture will now be in charge of regulating offsets that can be purchased by big polluters. The department of agriculture you ask? Isn’t there some body more qualified, like…the Environmantal Protection Agency maybe? Not according to Peterson.
  2. The EPA will be disregarding the indirect climate impacts of biofuels, like ethanol, which encourages the clearing of forested land for the production of corn.
  3. This one shouldn’t blame the farmers, but also, renewable energy has been altered to include that provided by the burning of landfill gas. Additionally, states can reduce their renewable energy requirement by improving energy efficiency, which is something that should actually be entirely separate.

For more surrounding this bill check out this editorial from the L.A. Times:,0,5647633.story




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